Design Inspiration: Single Slab Backsplash

One inspiration brought to us recently by a client during design is the single slab backsplash . . .

(Single slab backsplash and matching countertop. Shannon Eddings Interiors. Photo: Molly Culver)

Although we are recently inspired by this idea, it’s been around for a while, as seen in English country homes and European-style modern kitchens. 

Often the backsplash is the same material as the countertop, but it can be two different materials. It is usually milled to a thickness of ¾” and cut to size to fit the space. With minimal seams, it gives a clean look.

The slab material can highlight natural veining in the stone, or simply provide a backdrop in solid color. Natural stone material, such as Calacatta Gold and Breccia marbles, are rich in veining and color variations throughout and tie in or complement other colors in the kitchen.

Quartz is an engineered stone that wears well and comes in an array of colors and patterns.  Its appearance is similar to stone, but it is more practical from a functional and pricing standpoint.

Placing a shelf ledge at the top of the slab backsplash is an added feature and custom detail.  The shelf can hold decorative bowls or practical everyday spices. 

What inspires you for your next project….?