AWARD WINNING Whole Home + Addition

The homeowners had outgrown their kitchen and were tired of the uninspired, ‘builder-grade’ drabness of the home. The kitchen sparked the larger renovation. From start to finish, this entire project was an exercise in “exploring the possibilities.” After looking at renovating within the existing footprint of the home, we realized that the best way to accomplish the homeowner’s goals was to build a 300 square foot addition (which afforded us almost 600 sf to remodel) to accommodate the “ultimate kitchen” that they desired, as well as a new mudroom.

From there, ideas to renovate other interior rooms in the home blossomed. New flooring, windows, and living and dining room designs, along with a deck upgrade, were all added to the scope so that the entire home now feels brand new, modern and tastefully designed.

This project was awarded a 2023 PRISM award for excellence in kitchen remodeling from the Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Boston.