Patio & Pergola

Our clients loved using the patio in the large backyard of their classic Tudor home. But the patio and walkways needed repair, and several conditions were contributing to basement flooding. They wanted to address those issues and create an expanded and more exciting outdoor living environment, where they could relax and entertain guests.

We worked closely with them on the design to achieve their goals. Today, the new backyard has several zones for dining, casual seating around the fire, grilling, and a hot tub, while preserving lots of lawn space to play.

The new patio accommodates large gatherings; the circular table, with a built-in lazy Susan, expands to seat up to 10 guests, and a large fan hangs from the pergola to provide a breeze and discourage mosquitos in the heat of the summer. The new brick seating wall and herringbone patio ties in with the exterior of the house and garage, making the patio a natural extension of the home.

Implementing professional architectural design and extensive lighting design, we realized the homeowner’s vision.  It is an outdoor space to be enjoyed throughout the seasons!