Spring Cleaning and Kitchen Organization

When it comes to spring cleaning and organizing, the kitchen is a great place to start.

In most homes, everything revolves around the kitchen: cooking, prepping meals for the week, doing homework, and connecting with loved ones.

The kitchen cabinets you choose can have a big impact on how you organize household items, which will have a positive effect on your daily routines.

In the past, cabinets were essentially basic storage boxes with shelves – adjustable at best — where you placed your dishes, pots, and pans. If you were getting “fancy” you had a lazy Susan in a lower corner cabinet. For most of us, the inside of those cabinets invariably ended up cluttered. Heavy items like frying pans and crockpots were crammed into lower cabinets.

It’s spring 2024, and cabinets have come a long way. Here are innovations for storage and organizing that we’ve gathered from our portfolio, and that we’ve seen recently in showrooms. 

Pantry Storage

Where space is tight, tall cabinets with pull out drawers can serve as a pantry and are great for dry goods. If you have the space for a walk-in pantry, open shelving and full depth drawers are good ways to organize and easily view your items.

Cabinets That Do the Heavy Lifting

For those who frequently bake breads, scones, cookies etc. you probably dread getting out the heavy stand mixer. It can weigh up to 35 pounds and is typically stored in a lower cabinet.  The solution is the mixer lift – simply open the door and pull the mixer up and out on the built-in stand.

Design Trend: Fewer Upper Cabinets

Our clients are asking for kitchens with fewer or no upper cabinets. The reasons vary – from wanting windows to get more light, being able to add a dramatic backsplash or simply reducing the overhead cabinets so that the counters are open and uncluttered. 

With this style, it’s important to maximize the storage in the base cabinets.

Adding peg dividers to base cabinet drawers is a great solution for storing dishes which are typically found in an upper cabinet. The pegs are adjustable to accommodate all sizes of plates and bowls.  

Islands can also compensate for the loss of upper cabinet storage and may have built-in appliances such as a speed oven or a microwave.