AWARD WINNING Carriage House Art Studio

The allure of an historic carriage house is hard to resist. This rare building conjures images of a bygone era – one with horses clip-clopping down the cobblestone streets, and a slower pace to everyday life. The reality of a 120+ year old carriage house is something quite different. Beyond dust and grime, there were crumbling floors and rotting wood to contend with. After stabilizing the building on new footings, a new artist’s studio was created using as many elements from the original barn as possible including beams and a sliding door. Today, it features plenty of space to work, a bathroom, sink area and room to sit and relax. The new space is full of antique items, including reclaimed wood flooring and shiplap-style walls.

This project received the Silver Award for Best Historic Renovation/Remodel at the 2023 PRO Remodeling Awards. In addition, it received a 2023 Gold PRISM award for excellence for Best Historical Renovation from the Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Boston.